Surreal Coffee Roasters

Small batches. Specialty coffees. Surreal flavor.

All coffees are roasted with love in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Surreal Coffee Roasters is local, home-based micro-roastery whose goal is to bring you a diverse range of specialty-grade, single-origin coffees from around the world. I roast in small batches and offer custom roasts/on-demand roasting for any beans we carry (if you want something a tad darker or lighter than our default roasts). We also prioritize Organic, Fair Trade, and Direct Trade beans.

The Beans that Give Back

Our goal is to brighten your day with a diverse array of the highest quality coffees around the world, but we’re also compelled to give back, both locally and nationally. That’s why Surreal Coffee Roasters donates 10% of net sales to local and national humanitarian/charitable causes. Click below to find out more about some of the causes we support.

We’re about coffee that’s fresh & sustainable and about fair practices for coffee farmers.

We are Fair Trade Certified coffee roasters because we want to contribute to a sustainable environment and standard-of-living for the farmers whose livelihoods depend on growing, harvesting, and processing the best coffee cherries they can find. Consequently, we carry Fair Trade Certified and organic beans whenever possible.

Here are a few of the impacts that Fair Trade Certification has on my coffee beans:

  • For every Fair Trade product sold, Surreal Coffee Roasters invests in Fair Trade coffee farmers.
  • Your purchase of Fair Trade coffee helps support safe working conditions, protect human rights, and provide additional opportunities for financial stability for the coffee farmers who grow our beans.
  • Fair Trade increases traceability and transparency when it comes to the origins, processing, and transport of Fair Trade coffees.

Who We Are

I’ve been a coffee lover for about as long as I can remember. I loved it as a child, lived on it in college, and enjoy more than my fair share of it today. A couple years ago, I began buying raw specialty coffees and roasting for my family, learning the art and science of roasting–and developing my own roasting techniques–along the way. I’m amazed at the complexity and beauty of the coffee plant/bean: its intricate and delicate life cycle, the way its flavor and chemical makeup are affected by geography and culture, the way that coffee has brought people together and helped form social bonds.

I started Surreal Coffee Roasters because I love the intricacies and creative possibilities of roasting, because I want to share my obsession with The Beautiful Bean, and because I see roasting as a conduit for creative activity and for supporting causes I hold dear.

I believe that a good cup of coffee can be like a loyal friend, like deep contemplation, like a morning conversation in the gentle front-porch breeze, like a dream that stimulates the mind through the waking day. It can be quite visceral, even surreal.

We know that folks don’t mess around when it comes to their coffee, and we craft every roast with your perfect cup in mind.

Coffee Jargon Woes?

If your eyes gloss over when you read terms like “specialty-grade,” “single-origin,” and “Fair Trade Certified,” don’t worry. Coffee terminology is a language all its own, and we don’t want you to feel intimidated. Coffee snobbery is not our gig.

At the same time, we want you to understand the coffee you’re buying (and the people and processes behind it). Here’s a Quick Coffee Guide to a few essential terms to help you build your coffee lexicon. Let us know if you’ve got a term you’d like us to add to the list.

You can also refer to Read a Coffee by Its Label? to better understand what our label tells you about the specific coffees we carry.


If you have questions, want to leave feedback, or want to request a custom roast (or a coffee that we don’t have in stock), drop us a line!

If you’d like to place a pre-order for Tuscaloosa River Market, head over to the Pre-orders page.

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