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*Roasted coffee is available in 12oz bags and 6oz bags.

**All bags are whole bean, but we can grind upon request.


Sumatra Aceh Mandheling

Roast level: Medium-dark

From the Aceh Gayo region of Sumatra, this coffee is wet-hulled–a process unique to Sumatran coffees–and is triple-picked (by hand) for superb quality. It presents the fuller-bodied profile typical of Sumatrans but with a more complex flavor profile with notes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, and earthiness

Costa Rica Zeledón

Roast level: Light-medium

From Pérez Zeledón, in the Paramo region of Costa Rica, this delightful coffee is fresh from the 2022 harvest. It has a light body and bright acidity with notes of milk chocolate, almond, and sugar cane.

Colombia Valle del Cauca Sugarcane Decaf (contact us to order)

Roast level: Roast to order

This coffee is roast-to-order. This means that we have unroasted beans in stock–even when our ordering site says “Out of Stock”–and will roast them when your order is placed (via our website or via contacting us directly).

Believe me: this ain’t your “normal” decaf. This coffee maintains the distinct body and flavor notes of its non-decaf counterpart from Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Flavor notes include caramel, peanut brittle, and dark chocolate.

About Flavor Profiles

**All profile notes reflect a mixture of the origin notes for the raw bean and the flavors highlighted through the roasting process. I typically roast to balance acidity and sweetness while showcasing each bean’s origin flavor (aka terroir).

Current Surreal Premium

What’s a “Surreal Premium” coffee? Our “Surreal Premium” specialty coffees feature a specialty coffee score of 87 or above, and they’re selected especially for their complexity and distinctness. Many times, they cost us a bit more than our other specialty coffees, but they’re more than worth it.

These are exceptional, limited-quantity coffees, some of which we may only be able to stock for a week or two—and some of which are so complex they’ll challenge your perception of what coffee can be . . . a truly surreal coffee experience.

For more info on coffee scores/ratings, check out the excerpt from the Specialty Coffee Association on our Read a Coffee by Its Label page or our Quick Guide: A Few Essential Coffee Terms page.

How Do You Like Your Bean?

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