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*Roasted coffee is available in 12oz bags and 6oz bags.

**All bags are whole bean, but we can grind upon request.


Ethiopia Guji Organic, Mormora Farm (Surreal Premium)

Roast level: Light

From Mormora Farm (in the Shakiso region in the Guji Zone of Oromoia, Ethiopia), this natural processed coffee is distinctly bright with an array of fruit-front flavors (hints of strawberry, stone fruit, and honeydew). It’s a complex and evolving cup whose most prominent flavors develop as the coffee cools.

Sumatra Aceh Mandheling TP (Triple Picked)

Roast level: Medium-dark

From the Aceh Gayo region of Sumatra, this coffee is wet-hulled–a process unique to Sumatran coffees–and is triple-picked (by hand) for superb quality. It presents the fuller-bodied profile typical of Sumatrans but with a more complex flavor profile with notes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, and earthiness.

Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO

Roast level: Light-medium

A washed, Fair Trade Organic coffee harvested and produced by the ASPROCDEGUA Co-Op in Huehuetenango–one of the best coffee-producing regions in Guatemala–this coffee presents a slight natural sweetness with flavor notes of almond, nectarine, and peanut brittle. A beautiful coffee that will appeal to most any coffee lover.

Papua New Guinea Jimi River Tribal Organic

Roast level: Light-medium

The Jimi River Tribal coffee network operates in Jiwaka, Papua New Guinea (where it takes them a day’s walk to reach the nearest road). With notes of dried plum, sweet citrus, and green tea, this coffee has a great balance of crispness and acidity with medium body and mild sweetness.

Colombia Valle del Cauca Sugarcane Decaf (contact us to order)

Roast level: Roast to order

Believe me: this ain’t your “normal” decaf. This coffee maintains the distinct body and flavor notes of its non-decaf counterpart from Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Flavor notes include caramel, peanut brittle, and dark chocolate.

Contact us to order

Costa Rica Honey (San Diego Mills) – Back in stock soon!

Roast level: Light-medium

From San Diego Mills in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, this honey-processed coffee is fresh from the 2021 harvest. It has medium body and medium acidity with notes of milk chocolate, citrus, fruit, and sugar cane.

About Flavor Profiles

**All profile notes reflect a mixture of the origin notes for the raw bean and the flavors highlighted through the roasting process. I typically roast to balance acidity and sweetness while showcasing each bean’s origin flavor (aka terroir).

Current Surreal Premium

What’s a “Surreal Premium” coffee? Our “Surreal Premium” specialty coffees feature a specialty coffee score of 87 or above, and they’re selected especially for their complexity and distinctness. Many times, they cost us a bit more than our other specialty coffees, but they’re more than worth it.

These are exceptional, limited-quantity coffees, some of which we may only be able to stock for a week or two—and some of which are so complex they’ll challenge your perception of what coffee can be . . . a truly surreal coffee experience.

For more info on coffee scores/ratings, check out the excerpt from the Specialty Coffee Association on our Read a Coffee by Its Label page or our Quick Guide: A Few Essential Coffee Terms page.

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