This Week’s Coffees and Deals (10/30)

Surreal Coffee Roasters will be at Tuscaloosa River Market this Saturday, 11/2, stocked with your favorite home-roasted specialty coffee beans and fresh, custom-brewed coffee by the cup. Stop on by between 7am-noon and take advantage of one of the deals below.

This Week’s Coffees

  • Sumatra (Fair Trade Organic)
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu
  • Kenya AA+
  • Ethiopia Sidamo (Fair Trade Organic)
  • Ethiopia Harrar

Learn more about these coffees to find the one that’s right for you.


This week, we have a couple of new deals that might suit your cool-weather fancy.

– The Double-Up: Buy any two 12oz bags, get $3 off
– The Mini Mixer: Buy a 6oz bag for $8 + tax OR buy any two 6oz bags for $15 + tax

Also, be sure to check out our posts on coffee-to-water ratio for your brew! You’ll also find a Quick Guide to essential coffee terms to help you understand and choose your roast(s) as well as a useful page about our label/coffee info.

Along with our website, Facebook page, and Instagram page, you can also find out about our participation at the Tuscaloosa River Market by checking out our Farmspread profile (FYI: if you’re unfamiliar, Farmspread is the platform for farmers market/vendor profiles and interactions).

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