Back at Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market on 2/5

Howdy, y’all! We’ll be back at Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market on 2/5 with a big ol’ batch of freshly roasted beans! Here are the coffees we’ll have, along with roast level and roast date: Sumatra Mandheling Karo Highlands (Medium roast; Roasted on 1/31) PNG Jimi River Tribal Organic (Light-Medium roast; Roasted on 1/31) Guatemala Huehuetenango FTOContinue reading “Back at Tuscaloosa Farmer’s Market on 2/5”

Limited Time Offers, eGift Cards, and New Coffees

Offers For a limited time, save 10% off your entire order when you order online and use coupon code COFFEELOVE2021 at checkout. Offer valid through Friday (12/3). Orders can be picked up this Saturday (12/4) at Tuscaloosa River Market. eGift Cards Surreal Coffee Roasters now has digital gift cards available. Click on the eGift CardsContinue reading “Limited Time Offers, eGift Cards, and New Coffees”

Update: Tuscaloosa River Market (10/2)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope that y’all have had a wonderful week! Unfortunately, Surreal Coffee Roasters won’t be able to make it to Tuscaloosa River Market tomorrow (10/2). However, we have several bags of roasted coffee available (Ethiopia Guji Organic and Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO). If you’d like to get a bag, please reach out toContinue reading “Update: Tuscaloosa River Market (10/2)”

See You at Tuscaloosa River Market (2/27)!

Surreal Coffee Roasters will be back to the grind this Saturday (February 27) at Tuscaloosa River Market with some tasty specialty coffee options. Check out the Current Coffees page for coffee listings and profile/flavor details, then head over to the pre-order page to reserve your bag! Decaf lovers: you won’t see decaf on the menu,Continue reading “See You at Tuscaloosa River Market (2/27)!”

Updates on Coffees, Menu Items, and Surreal Premium Coffees!

This Saturday (1/30), our coffee lineup will be similar to last week’s, with a few additional notes. If you see a coffee listed as ROD (roast-on-demand) and/or “Out of Stock” on our website or pre-order page(s), that means that I don’t currently have that coffee roasted—but I may have the coffee unroasted/raw and can roastContinue reading “Updates on Coffees, Menu Items, and Surreal Premium Coffees!”

Convex Mirror – Bottled Cold Brew is Here!

Welcome a new addition to the Surreal Coffee family! Our new bottled cold brew concentrate, Convex Mirror, is in stock and available for this Saturday’s Tuscaloosa River Market! Convex Mirror consists of a superb blend of single-origin coffees slow brewed to perfection with savory milk chocolate and caramel notes with a hint of fruity delight.Continue reading “Convex Mirror – Bottled Cold Brew is Here!”

Rainy Day S’mores Brown Sugar Latte

A little coffee sweetness for a rainy day: s’mores brown sugar latte with medium-dark Sumatra…and a few trimmings. It’s not hard to hold a latte in the cold November rain.

Exciting News!

Exciting things are happening here at Surreal Coffee Roasters! We’re super-excited to announce a new partnership with Hotel Indigo and The Lookout Rooftop Bar! We’ve crafted an exclusive blend of specialty-grade, single-origin coffees—the “Down the River” specialty blend—available only at Hotel Indigo/The Lookout Rooftop Bar, so head on over there and grab a cup orContinue reading “Exciting News!”

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day, y’all! Surreal Coffee is on the roast and prepping for TuscaloosaRiverMarket this weekend, so send us your pre-order requests to reserve your bag o’ beans! Here’s our selection of specialty coffees for this week, roasted and ready (6oz and 12oz bags): Sumatra (Fair Trade Organic) Medium to Medium-Dark roast Ethiopia Harrar Light-MediumContinue reading “Happy Hump Day!”

Surreal Coffee Roasters Celebrating 1 Year Strong!

It’s hard to believe, but Surreal Coffee Roasters is celebrating 1 year in business this week! We’re grateful that we’ve been able to serve you, and grateful that Surreal Coffee Roasters has survived this whirlwind thanks to grit, sacrifice, and hard work—but mostly thanks to a community that embraces and serves as a cornerstone forContinue reading “Surreal Coffee Roasters Celebrating 1 Year Strong!”

Look up!

Overwhelmed with pandemic updates and doomscrolling? Grab a cup of good coffee and take in the sunset sky! Here’s what’s on tap at Surreal Coffee Roasters this weekend at #TuscaloosaRiverMarket: Sumatra FTO (Medium-Dark and Dark roasts available) Tanzanian Peaberry (Light and Light-Medium roasts available) Ethiopia Harrar (Light-Medium and Medium roasts available) Organic Bali Blue MoonContinue reading “Look up!”

Surreal Update, July 30

Good morning, coffee lovers! Here’s Surreal Coffee’s lineup for Tuscaloosa River Market (on Saturday, August 1):Sumatra FTOEthiopia HarrarTanzanian Peaberry (Check out the Current Coffees page for roast profiles/descriptions) Preorders Remember that you can preorder your bag for pickup at Tuscaloosa River Market by ordering via our website or by contacting us via email or FacebookContinue reading “Surreal Update, July 30”

Good to Be Back. Thanks, y’all!

Thanks to all of y’all who stopped by Surreal Coffee Roasters at yesterday’s Tuscaloosa River Market! You made it a wonderful first day back. We enjoyed some beautiful morning weather, and it was great seeing some familiar faces (masks and all)! If you picked up one our coffees, holler and let us know what youContinue reading “Good to Be Back. Thanks, y’all!”

Surreal Coffee Roasters returns to Tuscaloosa River Market

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m delighted to announce that Surreal Coffee Roasters will be back to business at #TuscaloosaRiverMarket tomorrow (July 25th) from 7am-noon! We’ll have 12oz and 6oz bags of 3 spectacular coffees: Sumatra (Fair Trade Organic), Medium-Dark to Dark roast Ethiopia Harrar, Light-Medium to Medium roast Tanzanian Peaberry, Light to medium roast *Check outContinue reading “Surreal Coffee Roasters returns to Tuscaloosa River Market”

Back in Touch (July 7, 2020)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy, staying safe, and doing well. It’s been quite a while since you’ve seen us, and in that time, our worlds have all likely veered from their “normal” courses to some degree or another. While we at Surreal Coffee Roasters have feltContinue reading “Back in Touch (July 7, 2020)”