Convex Mirror – Bottled Cold Brew is Here!

Welcome a new addition to the Surreal Coffee family! Our new bottled cold brew concentrate, Convex Mirror, is in stock and available for this Saturday’s Tuscaloosa River Market!

Convex Mirror consists of a superb blend of single-origin coffees slow brewed to perfection with savory milk chocolate and caramel notes with a hint of fruity delight. And, hey, it comes in a sleek (super-giftable) swing-top bottle!

Keep the bottle for other drink storage or for crafts/decoration, or bring it back to us for a discounted refill.

Since it’s concentrated, each bottle yields 2-4 drinks (depending on the type drink and size).

Buy a bottle and get 10% off any whole bean coffee purchase OR Buy 2 bottles and get 15% off any whole bean purchase THIS WEEK ONLY! Pre-order now to reserve yours!

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