Gratitude and Thanks

We just wanna share some love with our coffee-loving community in Tuscaloosa and beyond, those of you who’ve supported us through the roller-coaster ride of 2020. We’re a VERY small operation, and when we opened up shop in late 2019, we couldn’t have imagined the havoc that 2020 would bring us all. But, despite lockdowns and nagging health issues, Surreal Coffee Roasters is still hanging around thanks to y’all.

We’re thankful that you can still smell the aroma of specialty-grade coffee through a mask. We’re grateful for your smiles and conversations, for your encouragement and feedback, and for your shared love of freshly roasted coffee. We’re humbled that you’ve continued to breathe life into our coffee roasting adventure and that you’ve inspired us to press onward. And press onward we will.

We’ve got some pretty amazing things in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon, so stay tuned!

Thank y’all for your kindness and ongoing support in this gauntlet of a year!

Much love! Happy holidays!

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