Updates on Coffees, Menu Items, and Surreal Premium Coffees!

This Saturday (1/30), our coffee lineup will be similar to last week’s, with a few additional notes. If you see a coffee listed as ROD (roast-on-demand) and/or “Out of Stock” on our website or pre-order page(s), that means that I don’t currently have that coffee roasted—but I may have the coffee unroasted/raw and can roast a bag for you upon request (via email or direct message). There is a 12oz minimum for roast-on-demand orders (except decaf orders that were placed in person last Saturday).

I’ll also be adding stock to the Guatemala Huehuetenango and (possibly) the Ethiopia West Arsi soon.

Check out the Current Coffees page on our website for (1) a list of coffees (with descriptions), (2) a list of other menu items we’ll have at Tuscaloosa River Market, (3) information on the Specialty Coffee Association’s scoring system, and information about our new Surreal Premium coffees (including Ethiopia West Arsi).

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