Look up!

Overwhelmed with pandemic updates and doomscrolling? Grab a cup of good coffee and take in the sunset sky! Here’s what’s on tap at Surreal Coffee Roasters this weekend at #TuscaloosaRiverMarket: Sumatra FTO (Medium-Dark and Dark roasts available) Tanzanian Peaberry (Light and Light-Medium roasts available) Ethiopia Harrar (Light-Medium and Medium roasts available) Organic Bali Blue MoonContinue reading “Look up!”

This Week’s Coffees and Deals (10/30)

Surreal Coffee Roasters will be at Tuscaloosa River Market this Saturday, 11/2, stocked with your favorite home-roasted specialty coffee beans and fresh, custom-brewed coffee by the cup. Stop on by between 7am-noon and take advantage of one of the deals below. This Week’s Coffees Sumatra (Fair Trade Organic) Costa Rica Tarrazu Kenya AA+ Ethiopia SidamoContinue reading “This Week’s Coffees and Deals (10/30)”

Coffee for the Cool (10/18)

Good coffee & cool weather are akin to good music & road trips: they combine to make cozy magic. They warm our souls and broaden smiles. We (probably) won’t be levitating or performing disappearing acts at #tuscaloosarivermarket tomorrow (10/19), but we’ll sure have plenty of freshly roasted coffee beans and hot coffee! And plenty ofContinue reading “Coffee for the Cool (10/18)”

Brew Tips: Coffee-to-Water Balance

Unfortunately, buying a perfectly roasted, quality coffee doesn’t actually guarantee a good cup of coffee. And since it’s you and I who determine what “good” coffee taste like, it’s important to know how to brew your coffee to get your perfect cup. Coffee has remained a cultural staple for millennia (in part) because it canContinue reading “Brew Tips: Coffee-to-Water Balance”

Menu for 9/28 and (Early) National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is 9/29, but we like to be proactive. That means we celebrate coffee day multiple times a day. For the sake of convention, though, we’ll just invite you to come celebrate early with us tomorrow at #tuscaloosarivermarket between 7a.m. and noon. As promised, here’s tomorrow’s menu: Kenya AA Plus Ethiopia Harrar SumatraContinue reading “Menu for 9/28 and (Early) National Coffee Day”