Coffee for the Cool (10/18)

Good coffee & cool weather are akin to good music & road trips: they combine to make cozy magic. They warm our souls and broaden smiles.

We (probably) won’t be levitating or performing disappearing acts at #tuscaloosarivermarket tomorrow (10/19), but we’ll sure have plenty of freshly roasted coffee beans and hot coffee! And plenty of smiles!

On the menu:
• Fair Trade Organic Sumatra
• Fair Trade Organic Ethiopia Sidamo
• Ethiopia Harrar
• Costa Rica Tarrazu
• Kenya AA (by request – please message me today for a custom order, no extra charge of course)

-Free samples

– Hot coffee by the cup!

Come see us at Tuscaloosa River Market between 7am-noon. See y’all then!

#surrealcoffeeroasters #buylocal #specialtycoffee

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